A unique blend of modern and scientific body-mind tools combined with ancient wisdom,

which enable the athlete to tap into his/her full potential.


Being the Best by Being One's Best!

Today it is widely acknowledged that in addition to the regular sports specific - training, a more refined approach to the mental, physical and social well being, of the athlete is very effective in enhancing all round performance.

The current sports scenario has demonstrated how additional body - mind tools for performance like yoga and meditation can help the athlete access the "ZONE" at will, control arousal levels and manage stress, thereby increasing resilience and longevity. However, more often than not, the role of the breath in achieving peak performance is neglected. The TLEX Sports Program includes models for both teams and individuals, with the onus on the breath, providing practical techniques, which can be integrated into daily life.

We Offer

An authentic experience of Meditation, which compliments the entire process.


Personal Coaching to mentor an athlete's holistic Long-Term Development.


Cutting - edge Yoga
which increases flexibility and helps
injury prevention.


Ancient wisdom for better understanding of the mind.


Modern and scientific breathing techniques, and mindfulness training, which:

  • Increases alertness, awareness and mindfulness from within.
  • Allows the athlete to tap into a deeper source of energy.
  • Helps the athlete access the "ZONE" at will.
  • Controls arousal levels
  • Manages stress by regulating cortisol release.
  • Accelerates recovery by reducing the lactate production, which causes cramping.
  • Increases the anti oxidants in the system, which improve the resistence to strenuous exercise induced tissue damage.

This comprehensive package, with a specific onus on breathing patterns and rhythms ensures the Peak Performance of an athlete.